Captain Tsubasa x adidas “Battlefield” Figures (Olive et Tom)

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After the recap of the Captain Tsubasa x adidas “Battlefield” exhibition, we now present to you the figurines, which are on a much smaller scale than their full-size counterparts. Depicting the spirit of attitude, determination, friendship and enthusiasm, the figures are constructed of a golden bronze plastic. Although not currently available to the public, the figures are a nice memento as we near the climax of the 2014 World Cup.

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A Visit to KAWS’ Studio by Wonderwall

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Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall is best known for the beautiful interiors of all BAPE flagship stores, Uniqlo flagship stores as well as the most recent renovation of French concept store colette. After having designed the OriginalFake store for Brooklyn artist KAWS and his partners Medicom Toy a few years back (the store has closed in the meantime), Wonderwall went on to also design the artist’s impressive Brooklyn studio – the place where all the magic happens. While the brick facade nicely blends in with the neighborhood, a slick open space interior is in vast contrast to that. Signature elements by Wonderwall can be found all over the place, with the mix of steel and lots of glass, being the primary hint that the firm has been involved. The space almost feels more like a gallery than an artist working space. It is very impressive without any doubt and perfectly underlines the sharp and detail oriented work of the successful artist. Take a full tour of the KAWS studio here above.

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A Look Inside London’s Koya Bar with Chef Shuko Oda - One Of London's Top Noodle Bars

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Tucked away on Frith Street in Soho, London rests Koya Bar, the brainchild of one Shuko Oda. The soft-spoken young chef explains Koya Bar as the culmination of a somewhat nomadic life, having grown up multinationally in Japan, the United States, and England. Oda incorporates this into the menu at Koya, drawing on English breakfast staples like the “fry up” while maintaining the core, basic elements of Japanese cuisine. A far cry from oft-pretentious fusion cuisine, Oda integrates familiar ingredients to create truly original comfort food. Enjoy the above courtesy of and be sure to stop by Koya if in the London area.

49 Frith St
London, United Kingdom

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